Eureka Parent Math

*Free* Eureka resources from tip sheets to homework helpers  to assist parents.

Math Intervention

A published list of math intervention programs and resources

Finding a Math Tutor

A useful article from PBS on finding a tutor

EP 04 "Black,Brown and Gifted"

Check out the latest podcast on Spotify, Google, Anchor...

Common Core Math

5 Resources For Parents To Learn Common Core Math

What Works in Math

The What Works Clearinghouse is a site which reviews and evaluates popular math apps, programs and texts according to their effectiveness

Pi Before Dinner Group

A parent and teacher-friendly podcast and video series broadcasted live on facebook every Wednesday at 7:30 eastern. Join the FB group

EP 06 "Breaking" Algebra

Audience experiences
Big Ideas of Algebra
"Connect 4"

"Keep the Change"
What Works Clearing House - math ratings for popular programs here

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