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STEM Math Author and Strategist |

I help people and orgs build deep capacity and curricula for math/STEM learning | Author, "Engaging Young Children with Culturally Relevant Math Tasks"

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My Story

Dr. Lou Mathews is a global mathematics creative and founder of InspireMath committed to building inspiring, sustainable mathematics platforms and culturally relevant education experiences in communities around the world. As Director of Mathematics and Science at Urban Teachers, a national teacher residency program with Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Lou supports the recruitment, coaching and deployment of culturally competent mathematics teachers in Baltimore, Washington DC and Dallas.


In response to the global crisis of racial injustice and COVID19 pandemic, Dr. Lou created Pi Before Dinner, a virtual space and media channel for amplifying and illuminating the voices and images of Black children, families and community in mathematics. The podcast is in its second season on Facebook Live and Youtube and has spawned a website media page and online network of educators and allies.

Dr. Lou has served the mathematics community as a leading equity and racial justice advocate, speaker and scholar. As a mathematics scholar, he has authored studies, book chapters, blogs and videos on culturally relevant mathematics teaching in mathematics. Dr. Matthews led the creation of the Journal of Urban Mathematics Education in 2008. The journal was established to increase the presence and voice of scholars in urban mathematics.

Born in Bermuda, Dr. Lou is currently based in the DC area and has been actively involved in national and international initiatives in the United States, Caribbean, and Africa for the past two decades. He has recently established the Inspire Math Foundation and is a past president of the Benjamin Banneker Association and former acting Commission of Education of Bermuda Public Schools.

Dr. Lou is an avid mountain biker and committed to various community and social issues such as ADHD, anti-racism, gentrification and affordable housing.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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