My Story

Since beginning his journey in mathematics, Lou has created quite the buzz throughout many well-known math communities. 
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Lou is a globally-focused mathematics creative, scholar and leader who has been passionate about inspiring and connecting communities, families and educators. Lou is currently the Director of Mathematics and Science at Urban Teachers and founder/CEO of Inspiremath Ltd.  Dr. Lou Matthews was born in Bermuda and has been spreading math inspiration as a speaker, mathematician, education leader and content creator across the United States, Caribbean, Africa and Bermuda for the past 20 years. Lou has authored studies, book chapters, websites, ebooks and tools, and articles on re-imagining mathematics as culturally relevant and sustaining. Dr. Matthews led efforts to create the Journal of Urban Mathematics Education in 2008 and served as its  founding Editor-in-Chief. He has also served as a former regional representative, president of the  Benjamin Banneker Association and is a former Director of Schools and Acting Commissioner of Bermuda Public Schools.

Lou continues to engage in inspiring the mathematics experiences of Black children and families and launched in 2018 and Inspiremath (Ltd).  Most recently, in response to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and global Black Lives Matter movements, Lou created Pi Before Dinner, a growing, organic Facebook community and mathematics campaign featuring a weekly live internet show, podcast, a website ( for parents and teachers. As the movement for racial justice has grabbed global attention, Lou's work in mathematics has consisted of  (1) leading healing conversations around social and racial injustice, (2) holding critical conversations around mathematics and resources that help children, teachers and families thrive  and (3) creating spaces that amplify and illuminate the voices and images of Black children, families and community in mathematics. Dr. Lou Matthews is a leading   mathematics commentator on social media as @loumatthewslive and focuses on issues of mathematics, racial equality and justice

I believe in the power of ordinary people to do math and change the world.


3 Keys for Math Success

Happy Children

Focus on Relevant Math

Use mathematics that comes from the rich lives and histories of children and their communities.

Rich mathematics is found all around us in much of how we live and love. Children and families are capable of engaging in rigourous math inquiry around what they do and experience.

Two Friends with a Tablet

 Prioritize Problem Solving

There are so many games and products that target math. Today's math learners should prioritize problem solving. Choose activities that emphasize communication, strategy building,  deep understanding of concepts, and skilled use of processes.    


Plan a Pipeline 

Too many people look for one-off programs and experiences (tutorings, ca et.). Planning a pipeline means incorporating  math success across the spectrum of immediate intervention and longer term mentoring and coaching!  Check out my MathForward program for more.

Know of any communities who need Free Math support?